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Dutch Academy: Basic Course for Beginners

Welcome to my Basic Dutch courses for beginners! If you're interested in learning Dutch, one of the official languages of the Netherlands, Belgium, and Suriname, you've come to the right place. The best part is that my courses are completely free of charge and available to anyone who wants to learn Dutch online.

Designed for absolute beginners with little to no prior knowledge of the language, my courses provide a solid foundation in Dutch vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. Whether you're planning a trip to the Netherlands, want to communicate with Dutch-speaking friends and family, or simply enjoy learning new languages, my courses are a great way to get started.

With engaging lessons, interactive activities you can learn Dutch at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home. I'm confident that you'll enjoy the learning process and make rapid progress in your Dutch language skills.

So why not take advantage of this great opportunity and join my free online Basic Dutch courses for beginners today? Start your journey towards speaking Dutch with confidence and discover the beauty of this fascinating language!

About the program

The Dutch basic course online is an 8-week program designed to teach people the basics of the Dutch language. Participants will receive regular emails with various topics, including grammar, exercises, and links. The course is designed to help learners develop their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in Dutch. Through the program, participants will learn essential Dutch phrases and vocabulary, including greetings, introductions, and basic conversational skills. By the end of the course, learners will have a solid foundation in Dutch and be able to communicate effectively in basic everyday situations.

Starts on the 19th of MAY

You will learn:

  • Greetings and introductions
  • Pronunciation and phonetics
  • Basic vocabulary (numbers, colors, days of the week, etc.)
  • Basic sentence structures and word order
  • Present tense of regular and irregular verbs
  • Personal pronouns and possessive adjectives
  • Negation and questions
  • Modal verbs (can, must, want, etc.)
  • Plural forms and articles
  • Prepositions and common expressions with prepositions
  • Past tense of regular and irregular verbs
  • Reflexive verbs and pronouns
  • Imperative mood and commands
  • Future tense and expressions of future time
  • Vocabulary related to food, travel, shopping, and daily life
  • Basic cultural aspects of Dutch society and customs.

Register now

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Starting day - 20th of August

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