Work in the Netherlands
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Work in the Netherlands

The Dutch economy is one of the richest in the EU and one of the most stable. Despite its modest size, there are plenty of new career prospects in the Netherlands. In order to advance their careers, expats can do so by working for one of the numerous multinational corporations with offices in the Netherlands. 

The Dutch government assists people in beginning their own enterprises by making bureaucracy simpler, providing tax advantages, and routinely revising government regulations. One of the biggest reasons to work in the Netherlands is the country's booming economy, which offers a wide range of employment and career prospects.

The Netherlands is one of the top 10 places to live in the world for having a healthy work-life balance. The Dutch government is continuously coming up with new initiatives to entice highly qualified immigrants and business owners, such the 30% tax break and the startup visa residency permit. Over the years, the Netherlands evolved from a tidal lowland of farmers into a financial hub, a design hotspot, and a hub for start-ups.

A piece of advice for working in the Netherlands: Dutch businesses take great pleasure in their formality and organization. Regardless of their status, people are polite, open, and honest with one another. Additionally, it's crucial to refer to coworkers and business partners by their last names until specifically requested otherwise.

The excellent level of living is the main benefit of working in the Netherlands. The Netherlands has one of the highest life expectancies in the world, and according to the UN's World Happiness Report, it is the seventh-happiest nation in the world.

The amount of discretionary income, employment, and education are far higher than in many other European nations, as is the quality of the air and water. Only 19% of the total adjusted disposable income of the Dutch is spent on home expenses, which leaves more room for building savings, pursuing interests and goals, and creating a fulfilling and comfortable existence.

Everyone is fluent in English

You will find it simpler to interact with coworkers, neighbors, and prospective new acquaintances as a result. We are in the lead together with the Scandinavian nations. There is always someone who will understand you and be able to help, so if you find yourself in a sticky position, this may be really helpful.

Really good education 

According to Business Insider, The Netherlands is among the top three nations in terms of education. With a strong and thorough education, this might benefit you and/or your family. The likelihood of obtaining a decent job in the future increases as a result.  In fact, the World Economic Forum has ranked the Netherlands as the third-most educated country in the world.