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About 25 million people speak Dutch as their first language, and 5 million more speak it as a second. Dutch is a West Germanic language. After its close cousins English and German, it is the third most extensively used Germanic language. At least 16 million people, mostly in South Africa and Namibia, speak Afrikaans, a distinct but mutually interpretable daughter language that developed from the Cape Dutch dialects of Southern Africa. The Dutch Language Union, however, is the guiding force behind all of the languages spoken in Suriname and Belgium (including Flemish).

Are you interested in Dutch language courses? Well, there are many reasons why this is a good idea!

Increase your independence

It is true that English is widely spoken in the Netherlands (around 86 percent of the population speak English). However, it's helpful to learn some fundamental words so you can get around in regions where English is not spoken.  I assure you that a little Dutch goes a long way. Especially it is valuable if you try to find a job in the Netherlands.

Dutch is spoken in other countries

Speaking Dutch is not limited to the Netherlands. Even while Dutch isn't as widely spoken as, say, Spanish, you may now travel Belgium, Suriname, and the Caribbean, notably Aruba, CuraƧao, and Sint Maarten, with confidence if you speak it. Sweet! Additionally, Afrikaans, a language used in Namibia and South Africa, and Dutch share certain similarities. 8 birds with 1 stone, indeed!

Know the culture

It's not always easy to see the culture. A place's language, sayings, humor, and even music are all part of its culture. As a result, you may learn a lot about Dutch culture by learning a little bit of Dutch or by speaking it. You can also converse with locals! The best method to fit in is always to talk to the locals.

Online Dutch lessons

With these lessons, you can try to learn Dutch for free!