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Days, months and numbers

Days, months and numbers

If you want to continue learning Dutch, the next step is to learn days, months, numbers. These are basic words that you will use daily.

English Dutch
Monday Maandag
Tuesday Dinsdag
Wednesday Woensdag
Thursday Donderdag
Friday Vrijdag
Saturday Zaterdag
Sunday Zondag

The Dutch and English ways of asking someone what day it is are extremely similar. You may find instructions on how to ask or answer this question below.

What day is it today? 

Welke dag is het vandaag?

Today is Wednesday. 

Vandaag is het woensdag.

It is even more useful to know the precise date, particularly when discussing it with someone. In every conversation, bringing up yesterday or tomorrow is also quite helpful.


English Dutch
January Januari
February Februari
March Maart
April April
May Mei
June Juni
July Juli
August Augustus
September September
October Oktober
November November
December December

English Dutch
Yesterday Gisteren
Today Vandaag
Tomorrow Morgen
The day after Overmorgen


What is today’s date? Welke datum is het vandaag?

Today is Wednesday March 11. Vandaag is het woensdag 11 maart.

What is tomorrow’s date? Welke datum is het morgen?

Tomorrow it will be Friday March 13. Morgen is het vrijdag 13 maart.


English Dutch English Dutch
Zero Nul Ten Tien
One Één Eleven Elf
Two Twee Twelve Twaalf
Three Drie Thirteen Dertien
Four Vier Fourteen Veertien
Five Vijf Fifteen Vijftien
Six Zes Sixteen Zestien
Seven Zeven Seventeen Zeventien
Eight Acht Eighteen Achttien
Nine Negen Nineteen Negentien

English Dutch English Dutch
Twenty Twintig Sixty Zestig
Twenty-one Eenentwintig Seventy Zeventig
Twenty-two Tweeëntwintig Eighty Tachtig
Twenty-three Drieëntwintig Ninety Negentig
Twenty-four Vierentwintig One hundred Honderd
Twenty-five Vijfentwintig Two hundred Tweehonderd
Thirty Dertig thousand Duizend
Forty Veertig million Miljoen
Fifty Vijftig billion Miljard

English Dutch English Dutch
First Eerste Sixth Zesde
Second Tweede Seventh Zevende
Third Derde Eighth Achtste
Fourth Vierde Ninth Negende
Fifth Vijfde Tenth Tiende

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